The 13th International Conference "Challenges of the Knowledge Society" Bucharest, May 17th-18th, 2019

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Section 1 - Juridical Sciences (Law)  
Subsection 1.1. Criminal Law
Subsection 1.2. Private Law
Subsection 1.3. Public Law
Subsection 1.4. Intellectual Property Law
Section 2 - Economic Sciences  
Subsection 2.1. Economics
Subsection 2.2. Business Administration and Marketing
Subsection 2.3. Finance and Accounting
Section 3 - Administrative and Political Sciences  
Subsection 3.1. Political Sciences, International Studies and Relations
Subsection 3.2. Public Administration
Subsection 3.3. Education and Sociology
Section 4 - IT in Social Sciences

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May 12
Registration fee 70 YES
Proceedings INCLUDED
Coffee break INCLUDED
Certificate of attendance CKS 2019 INCLUDED
Conference bag INCLUDED
Lunch ("Salt'n Pepper" Restaurant) 20 YES
Official Dinner 30 YES
May 13
Coffee break INCLUDED
Social Program *
(* For international participants and guests.)

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